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Services - All Over Color.jpg

All Over Color

one solid color being applied root to end 


starting at $90+

Services - Sombre.jpg


form of blonding that is more traditional thicker sections for a more bold look


starting at $99+

Services - Baby Lights.jpg


form of blonding that is more of a "lived in" look allowing for soft grow outs


starting at $85+

Services - Global Color.jpg


applying lightener directly to the root for all over platinum blonde 
by consultation only


Services - Balayage.jpg


a form of blonding using very fine sections to get very natural and soft blonde


starting at $115+



method of adding hair to existing hair for length and/or volume 


by consultation only 

Services - Women's Cut.jpg

Women's Haircut 

starting at $41+

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 1.43.59 PM_edi

Men's Haircut 

starting at $26+

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